‘Women are the real architects of society’ – Harriet Beecher Stowe

8th March is celebrated world wide as International Women’s Day. This day is special and provides us with an opportunity to appreciate all the hard work, pain and turmoil a woman goes through. Taking some spirited time out for yourself on this day may work well like a magic wand to make you feel happy.

So when was the last time you took some time out from your busy schedule to celebrate what you stand for?

Listed below are 10 fun ways of making Women’s day exciting and memorable.

1. Spend time with your women gang:

Call out your female friends with whom you have been waiting to spend time since long. This is a great opportunity to reconnect and relive the lovely moments.

2. Organize competitions in your society for women:

Conduct fun contests like Rangoli competition or make a best out of waste project. It’s a great opportunity to display creativity and honor the same.

3.  Dress up:

Wear the outfit you really like from your wardrobe, and dress yourself up. A nice dress can uplift your mood and makes you feel happier.

4. Soak yourself in spa treatments:

The soothing music, aroma and the luxurious spa massage, pedicure or manicure will make you feel like a princess and is very relaxing too.

5. Make other women in your life feel special:

There is no greater feeling then to see others happy. We all have been motivated and inspired by some women in our life. Show your love, gratitude and appreciation by sending her a small note or a gift, as a token of love.

6. Organise a Potluck lunch:

Give a call to your female friends, ask each one of them to bring different food items to the decided location, so that the burden of making is not on one person and all women can have fun and enjoy different delicacies.

7. Take a day off:  

Whether you are working or a homemaker, take a day off for yourself. When I say take a day off, please try not to engage in daily house chores for just one day .Go out shopping, read a book you like or order your favorite food and relax.

8. Movie time:

A good movie, a popcorn packet and a nice drink is a perfect combination of good entertainment.

9. Dance party:

Organize a dance party at your place. Dancing your way out is the biggest stress buster and a great source of entertainment too.

10. Adventure sports:

Try some adventure sports like go-karting, bungee jumping, river rafting or trekking etc. It will indeed be a very thrilling experience.

Make yourself feel special on this Women’s day!