It’s the month of women this March. Well, we actually have a single day dedicated to our gender and it’s only fitting that we put forth our strongest points that in reality set us apart from our male counterparts. How are we stronger? Is it simply because we think we are?

So here are my rationales:

Can you ever imagine a world without women? Strong women have played eager roles as world rulers. Some of the most famous strong women in history include beautiful queens, princesses, warriors, and of course, Goddesses, who fought the war over evil. Now, for a nation that prays to Goddesses, that they are stronger than all, is irrefutable logic, right?

Whether you are a single woman, a working mother, a married housewife, it doesn’t matter. Because we are here to celebrate the essence of why women are secretly the stronger of the two, and how!

We manage our monthly pain pretty well!

Can you ever imagine men managing pain? A simple bout of flu and they refuse to get up from the bed, citing severe illness. And the men are supposed to be our knights in shining armours.

Women definitely master the art of being stronger, physically even if it is just from the inside! Our cycles prove it, our pain management techniques, and willingness to work in spite of it all, and perform all our tasks, well that say it all. Can our partners match up to this, no we don’t really think so.

We have a higher emotional management system

Men are strong, physically, yes. There is no denying that. But let’s be honest here. It’s not like they made themselves this way. In fact, they were made this way, so no credit to them.

When you put just a little pressure on a man, or have him go through a period of sadness for any professional or personal reason, he just won’t be able to deal with it, the way we do. Men have other ways of managing stress, life and problems, and not necessarily in good ways. They don’t know how to talk of their problems, but they do turn to vices and other forms of ease.

We on the other hand know how to manage our problems, thanks to our in-built emotional management system. Throw anything at us, from a failed assignment to a sick child, a broken TV or a high credit card bill. Women are more inclined to manage any issue under the sun, pragmatically in a mature manner. No wonder we can have our cake and eat it too, unless we are on a diet. Which, of course, we often are….

Talent and a woman’s gene to juggle the home and a career

Can you ever imagine a man juggling household chores and a career? Men are wired to do one thing at a time, that doesn’t mean they are wired to do it well. But still, let’s be fair. They can’t multi-task and manage the way women do. Strong, famous women in high positions across the world are admired for the way they manage their family life and career with equal ease. Of course, as women we do face problems with this dual role, but we don’t deem it impossible. A clean house, healthy food, and great work make us thrive after all.

So here’s celebrating the spirit of us. Cheers to us.