The Earth is what we all have in common…” said Wendell Berry.

We are the torchbearers who have a pertinent responsibility to protect and prevent this planet from collapsing.  We must maintain this beautiful creation of Nature to pass it on to our next generation, with a sense of pride.

Recent years have seen marked awareness in keeping the environment clean by making conscious efforts with various initiatives.

Green Products

 Many industries and companies have invested in producing products that are green and environmentally friendly. In essence, these products use components or materials that do not harm the environment. 

Recycled materials, natural energy, green packaging and advertisements are commercial ways to protect the environment.

Let us look at the few green products and ideas that you can use to promote eco-friendliness.

  • Green Homes:

Green Homes that use recyclable materials and green building technology is seeing an upward trend in the recent years. These have less effect on the environment as well as on the human health. Bamboo, sun-dried bricks, cement-paint, clay-roofing tiles are some examples of eco-friendly construction materials.

The designs of such buildings ensure minimum use of water, natural resources and electricity to provide more sustainability with less maintenance.  Green Homes promise good health and wellbeing of the occupants with better quality of air and lighting within the house.

  • Green Appliances:

Green Appliances are energy efficient, which significantly reduces the carbon footprint as well as the electricity bill. Air conditioners, microwaves, washing machines, refrigerator, dishwashers, room heaters, lighting fixtures, computers, water coolers, ceiling fans, water heaters are some products that you can use to make an environmentally friendly home.

  • Green Cleaning Agents:

Go green with cleaning products that are eco-safe and have less impact on the human health. These products do not use ingredients that adversely affect the quality of health, air and water. They are devoid of hazardous chemical concentrates, artificial fragrance, and volatile organic compounds and use recyclable packaging materials.  These products alternatives are equally effective as the conventional products. 

Here are some green cleaning ideas.

  1. Mix of vinegar, borax and little water is sufficient to clean your bathroom.
  2. Half teaspoon of glycerin, four drops of essential oil of your choice, four tablespoons of bottled water and half a teaspoon of vegetable oil makes a very good hand lotion.
  3. Use natural and reusable rag to clean the bathroom or kitchen surface instead of paper towels.
  4. Add a cup of baking soda or vinegar to a load of laundry in the washing machine to absorb odor and as a perfect replacement for the hazardous fabric conditioners.
  5. Shun the use of chemical formulae to remove the adamant stains and grease.  Washing soda does the job efficiently without emanating strong fumes into the environment.
  6. Keep your mirrors, ceramic, metal and wood surfaces squeaky clean with an awesome combination of lemon juice and vinegar. The acidic combination is beneficial in removing hard scales.
  7. Freshen the air in your home with natural plants – Areca Palm, Rubber Plant, English Ivy, Dwarf Date Palm and Boston fern and avoid using artificial air fresheners.
  8. Think before you buy products that are labeled as ‘Warning’, ‘Danger’ or ‘Poison’, or those containing, ammonia, sodium sulfate, Xylene, Phosphorous, Hydrochloric acid, Caustic Soda, Ehtanol, Phenolic Compounds, Sodium Hydroxide, and other artificial fragrance and other chemicals.
  • Green Clothes:

Eco Clothing does not use synthetic fibers but uses fibers such as bamboo, wood, soy, hemp or recycled materials such as rubber, plastic bottles or old clothes.  Even though, cotton is a natural ingredient for clothing, it requires large amounts of pesticide and water for its growth. 

Spare a thought before you buy 100% cotton clothes and go for environmental friendly clothes, which is beneficial to the end user, farmer and the planet.

  • Green Gifts:

Occasions, events and holidays call for the perfect gifts for your dear ones. Plan to give an eco-friendly gift and contribute to the cause. 

A sapling, wooden toys, a gift made of recyclable materials, hand-made gifts, organic personal-care products, terra cotta ware, earthen gifts, stone decorations and other numerous options are some trendy environmental-friendly gifts. Always use reusable gift wrappers instead of using synthetic sheets and foils.

  • Green Baby Products:

Raise your child in a healthy environment with a host of eco-friendly baby products that are easily available in the market. Cloth diapers, organic food, plastic-free bottles, cloth wipes, chemical-free, wooden toys, grooming accessories are not only safe for your child but also protect the environment.

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