Personalized gift shops are thriving today because everyone likes to receive something customized. But, how about giving something truly personal, something made with your own hands? Here are a few ideas which will get you that big satisfying ‘WOW’ in return!


Don’t simply take a bunch of photographs and give it in a gift shop for printing on a calendar. Instead, go buy some beautiful handmade paper, and make a calendar yourself and then stick the photographs. You can even give a caption against each picture. This will be one calendar that won’t be thrown away after the year ends!


A friend of mine made a beautiful scrapbook for her husband on his birthday complete with childhood pictures, their courtship pictures, honeymoon information and everything that they cherish as a couple. He was speechless. A scrapbook makes a great gift because it has so many memories of the person and it’s a delight to go through.

Personal Movie:

With innumerable software’s available on editing and movie making like windows movie maker, imovie, adobe premiere pro, etc, creating a customized movie has become possible for everyone. Take pictures, videos, songs – things which the person likes and use the software to make the person a star in his own custom-made blockbuster! 


Creating your own board game is a challenge but makes for a unique gift. You can draw inspiration for different games and replace their elements with your own or come up with something entirely original. For example, if your child loves Harry Potter, you can make a board game with elements like the quidditch pitch, the castle, etc.

Paint T shirts, etc:

Instead of simply buying a T-shirt for your brother, why not paint his favourite superhero on it before gifting? Painting characters, designs, etc on any fabric like T-shirts, shawls, etc makes it much more special. You even get various design moulds, which can be used to give a very chic look to the material. Not only does this look great, but it also makes the gift irreplaceable.