Editor’s Note: Starting the day with a healthy breakfast is extremely beneficial for the body. Our esteemed member coolblues discusses the reasons why you must have a healthy breakfast each morning.

“All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.” John Gunther

March 18th is National Breakfast Day! 

You all must be aware that the body and the brain have been working for nearly 10-12 hours while you were fast asleep. Similar to the fuel for vehicles, our bodies also need prompts refueling several times a day. This will not only increase your immunity but will also reenergize you to tackle the rest of day. People who skip this important meal of the day for various reasons do not realize how nutrient and energy deprived the body becomes without a healthy breakfast. 

Did you know that keeping the body away from food in the morning can make you feel exhausted, tired with less focus and concentration on a given task. Studies show that people are 75% more productive that people don’t have breakfast. You tend to be very hungry by mid morning and will end up grabbing a cake, chocolate “energy” bar or other unhealthy foods. This can be quite disastrous for weight watchers. 

Starting the day with a cup of good coffee is not sufficient! Yes, caffeine is a quick energy booster and this does not last for a long time. In fact, only coffee for breakfast can cause acidity in some people. There is nothing better than having a “real”, healthy breakfast to keep you away from mood swings, acidity and weight gain. 

Make sure your breakfast contains good amount of protein, fiber, carbohydrates and veggies. Never give in to the idea of a sugary muffin, sugary cereals as breakfast options. Fruits, eggs, wholegrain bread, good fat and fresh vegetables are some essential ingredients to supercharge your physical and mental energy levels for the day.

Do you have a healthy breakfast every day? What do you generally have for breakfast? You can discuss your breakfast eating habits amd give your feedback here