Whether we suffer from a common cold, a stomach upset, heartburn, or a sore throat, we look for a quick remedy that heals the symptoms before we decide to visit the doctor. Home remedies are ancient and time tested traditional healing therapies, which brew out of the kitchen pot. Check the following homely first aids for the common disorders, but remember to consult your doctor first.


Beat the flu blues with simple natural remedies –

  • Boost your immunity system with half teaspoon of fresh juice of ginger and half teaspoon of honey, mixed in lukewarm water. Drink the concoction thrice a day, to increase your body’s immune system.
  • Substitute your diet with more liquids than solids until the flu abates.  Warm liquids, such as soup and water keep the body hydrated. However, keep away from coffee and tea as they can dehydrate the body.

Ear infections

Ear infections are sensitive to heat, and outside elements, so only use these if your doctor allows. Below are few remedies that treat external ear infections, but exercise extreme caution in using them-

  • Warm few pods of garlic and heat with olive, sesame or coconut oil and strain the oil. Put few drops of oil into the affected external ear; cover it with a cotton ball, to see the pain subside immediately.
  • Warm few Basil or Tulsi leaves in water and put few drops into the affected ear to reduce the inflammation.


Manage excruciating pains in a natural way-

  • Body Ache: Drink a mixture of ginger juice in warm water every two to three hours reduces body ache.
  • Back Ache: Massaging the back with mint oil gives significant relief. In addition, a diet that is Vitamin-C rich (carrot, tomatoes, lemon, and berries, etc.) is helpful to reduce the intensity of the pain.
  • Tooth Ache: Place a piece of Garlic or onion with rock salt helps to cure the pain. A mixture of pepper powder and salt also reduce toothache.