Do you realize that the smartphone that you love to carry everywhere is prone to make you sick? Since your smartphone follows you to all the places such as market, gym, hospital, office, your kitchen, restroom, etc., there are hundreds of bacteria breeding on the screen and the keyboard of the phone. Smartphones have quite an immense number of E.coli bacteria, which can cause serious infections.

Physicians warn that people have equal chances of getting sick using a phone as from touching the handles of a bathroom. The bacteria can easily cause diarrhea, cold or even flu. These germs are lurking in other electronic devices such as your laptop, computer desktop, key chain, and landline phones. However, since we are more dependent on smartphone than any other devices, there are more chances of catching an infection.

It is sad but true that most of the cell phone companies do not have clear methods to keep the smartphone clean. You can start cleaning it with a microfiber cloth, distilled water and rubbing alcohol (isopropyl). Do not use household cleaners as it can smudge or scratch the screen forever. Make sure you remove the smartphone from its case before thorough cleaning. 

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