There is no denying the fact that the computer is a major part of our world. However, while we are thankful for all the services it provides, there are organs in our body which are not happy, especially our eyes.

Our eyes are surrounded by muscles which assist them in moving as well as focussing on objects which are either far or near. But, when we are at our computers for a long time, the muscles that help focusing on the nearby objects are constantly used while the others aren’t. This leads to an imbalance in use and hence the weakening of muscles.

Hence, here are a few exercises which will help give relief from the strain caused on them due to the computer.


  • Rub your hands together till you can feel warmth generating from them.
  • Gently cup your eyes with your palms without putting any pressure on your eyes.
  • The hollow of your palm should cover the eye socket.
  • Keep your eyes cupped for 10-20 seconds.
  • Repeat this exercise for 2-3 minutes.
  • Do this exercise whenever you feel the strain

Thumb Exercise:

  • Jut out your right thumb like you are doing a ‘thumbs-up’.
  • Keep your thumb at nose level, a short distance away with the elbow slightly bent.
  • Slowly move your thumb towards the opposing shoulder i.e., your left shoulder. Follow it with your eye till as far as possible.
  • Bring your thumb back in the front.
  • Repeat this exercise with your left thumb. Move this thumb to your right shoulder.
  • Now put down your left hand and once again bring your right thumb to the front.
  • Slowly move it towards your nose.
  • Follow it with your eyes till you lose focus.
  • Then slowly move it back to front.
  • Now, invert your thumb like a ‘thumbs-down.’
  • Slowly move it towards the space between your eyebrows.
  • Follow it with your eyes as long as you can see it clearly.   
  • Now move the thumb slowly back to the front.