Our children’s lives are filled with television, iPad, computers, video games, as well as excessive homework and tuitions. Result is eye fatigue, squinting, neck and head pain in kids.

Here are seven ways for eye fatigue relief.

Time Check

For children less than two, the time spent on television, computers and other digital devices should be a zero. For those above two, a strict time of not more than two hours a day should be maintained.

Monitor the Distance

  • Research shows that a distance of around 35 inches from the screen reduces computer eye strain. Adjust the screen for your child accordingly. Increase the font size if required.
  • For video games, the rule is to maintain what is called the Harmon Distance. This is the distance between their elbow and their first knuckle.
  • If your child is working on the computer and simultaneously also consulting books for reference, then keep the latter at the same distance, level and angle as the former. This helps the eyes from constantly re-adjusting their focus and reduces the strain.


Looking at greenery and breathing in fresh air is not only refreshing but also gives eye fatigue relief. One simple outdoor eye exercise is to focus on a bird flying really high up in the sky for a minute or two and then slowly bringing the focus back to nearer objects till the child is looking at a blade of grass on the ground. This prevents the development of nearsightedness in them.

Eye Soothers

Like any other part of the body the eyes, too, get tired. So, as a parent, make sure that your child gets at least half an hour each day when she can just close her eyes and rest. During this timeout period use eye soothers on her eyes like:

  • Cotton wool dipped in rose water
  • Cut slices of cucumber 
  • Used tea bags after they have been chilled in the fridge for a few hours

Eye Food

Certain foods like fish that are rich in Vitamin A are good for the eye. Give your child a diet that’s rich in Vitamin A to reduce the eye fatigue considerably.

Adjust the Lighting

  • Inadequate light in the room puts extra tension on the eye muscles. Make sure that the room where your child is studying is well lit.
  • To reduce computer eye strain, arrange their computers such that there is no reflected glare anywhere in their field of vision else use a glare filter.
  • Keep computer and TV screens dust-free.
  • The light of the room should not be as bright as the computer screen
  • While watching television the brightness of the room should be half that of the screen.

Eye Exercises

  • When we concentrate hard we tend to blink less often. It happens with children too. So teach them to look away every 20 minutes to consciously blink their eyes. It reduces the dryness and the eye strain as well.
  • Sore eye muscles can be relaxed by closing the eyes and gently massaging the eyelids and the portion above the eyebrows.