Food is an important part of the Indian culture. It marks the beginning and end of all festivities and thus, Indian festivals are incomplete without the sweets and savories. Here is a compilation of easy to make recipes that will add to your celebrations of Janmashtami, the celebrations of the birth of Lord Krishna.


Rava Ladoo

rava ladooAn Indian sweet made with rava or semolina and flavoured with cardamom. Garnished with dry fruits , it is a perfect addition to the Janmashtami festive menu.  Find Recipe Here.



jalebiThis traditional Indian sweet that looks like concentric circles one inside the other. It is made of fermented dough that is poured through a piping bag or bottle with a small hole. Deep fried and dunked in concentrated sugar syrup, it is a melt in your mouth. Find Recipe Here.

Butter Murukku or Thenguzhal

butter murukku When there are a variety of sweets, savouries cannot be left far behind. Here is a tried and tested Thenkuzhal (the South Indian version close to the Chakli) recipe that you would love munching on. Find Recipe Here.

Aval Payasam

aval payasam This is made of rice flakes/poha/flattened rice, and is supposed to be one of favorite dish of Krishna. Added with milk and sugar, this delicacy is a great dish for the festive occasion. Find Recipe Here.


Uppu and Vella Seedai

seedai This snack if one of the popular dishes made for the occasion of Janmashtami. Both sweet as well as salt versions of seedai is prepared on this day. Recipe for Uppu Seedai & Recipe for Vella Seedai


Chocolate Barfi

chocolate burfi The looks say it all, this chocolate barfi with its delicious list of ingredients will add colour to the Janmashtami celebrations and have everyone complimenting your culinary skills too. Find Recipe Here.

Ribbon Murukku or Nada Thenguzhal

ribbon murukku This is also known as Ribbon Murukku or Nada Thenguzhal. It is one of the simple and easy to prepare recipes for Janmashtami. Find Recipe Here.


Wheat Appam

wheat appam Appam is also one of the prime item for Krishna Jayanthi/Gokulashtami in South India. These are sweetened balls of wheat and rice cooked in ghee. Find Recipe Here.


Sohan Halwa

sohan halwa A quick microwave Sohan Halwa recipe that will help you with your preparations for the festivities. Find Recipe Here.