Ganesh Chaturthi is a special occasion and so are the delicacies for the festival. Bring good luck and prosperity home this auspicious occasion and celebrate the occasion with lip-smacking recipes posted by our members.

North Indian


ModakModak is a famous Indian sweet prepared in Maharashtrian houses, especially for Ganesh chaturthi.






Puran Poli
: Puran Poli is very famous dish of Maharashtra and is specially cooked on Ganesh Chaturthi.






Doodh Pedha
: Treat your sweet tooth to delicious Pedha this Ganesh Chaturthi!






Coconut Laddoo: Quick Nariel Ladoo is a very popular Indian sweet dish for the occasion.





South Indian

: Sweet dumplings of rice-flour filled with coconut, jaggery and other goodies.






Channa Sundal
: Sundal is the perfect festival dish, made with chickpeas and coconut and seasoned with mustard and urad dal. It is also known as Chana Usal in Maharashtra.





Pal Payasam:
Pal or Payasam also known as the Rice Kheer is a traditional recipe made during festive season, Janmashtami and Ganesh Chaturthi in particular. This is one of the favorite milk sweets of Ganesha.




Ulundu Vadai
:  One of the special delicacies prepared for the festive occasion is the urad dal vadai without onion or garlic.





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