What is the number one favorite party food for kids? If you guessed Pizza, then you are dead on right. This is the favorite here in the US, not sure about other countries.

I learnt my lesson the hard way. Once for my older son’s birthday, I decided I will not serve Pizza, how about something healthier for all these kids? Wow, was I taken aback with the number of “aunty, why no pizza, we love pizza”. So ever since, every birthday has pizza on the menu for the kids and something else for all the adults. Birthdays and Pizza go hand in hand.

The teacher in my son’s first grade class asked them to write about their favorite food. 90% of the class turned in an essay about Pizza. All of them had written their concept of the perfect pizza. The one that took the cake was this child who wrote that his perfect pizza would have a regular cheese pizza topped with potato chips and drizzled with chocolate? Wow how’s that for gourmet?

Ask most kids is Pizza healthy for you, the answer will be yes! My own son explains thus: “Mom, look the pizza has cheese, so you get calcium and protein, then the tomato sauce gives you the vitamins and the vegetable serving you need, and of course the crust gives you the carbohydrates. So it is a balanced meal mom. See, if I have like 4 slices of pizza, I meet all my daily requirements for veggies, and then you give a slice of fruit pizza and that will be a complete balanced diet for the day”.

I tried to explain to him, but to no avail. So these days, I have taken to keep my local Pizza delivery man’s number on my mobile. Any party I plan, the first item on the list will be Pizza!! So ladies, the way to a kids heart, and to become a “cool mom”, please without forgetting serve Pizza to your small guests at all your parties. 

So according to me, the top 5 party foods for kids are (other than the cake):

1. Pizza ( plain cheese is the best bet) 
2. Chips (or any other fried snack like Cheetos, Dorritos etc)
3. Chocolate chip cookies/Chocolate Brownies
4. Fruit Punch
5. Ice cream.