While applying your favourite lipstick, I’ll bet you never thought you were trashing the environment. This unfortunate fact is true for most women, around the globe, who never thought their ordinary eye shadow could have been responsible for the death of many innocent animals in the name of animal testing. Or that the amount of chemicals used in your moisturizer could be killing fishes in the ocean.  Shocked? You should be.

So does this mean you should give up on makeup? It’s time to stand your ground and make the switch. Become a smart shopper and know which brands to buy and what to avoid. It will probably be good for your skin too, suppressing the looming threat of skin cancer.

A lot of cosmetic companies have taken a stand against animal testing and are working towards restoring the environment.

But how do you know which one to choose? It seems like looking for a needle in a haystack. Well here are some tips to help you get smart about makeup shopping:

Organic is Safe

As far as possible, choose organic cosmetics and makeup made from natural products. They are made from natural products such as plants, that don’t harm the environment. Mineral makeup, too, contain micronized minerals and inorganic pigments without any chemical preservatives.

Read the Label

While shopping for cosmetics, how many times have you flipped the product over to read the ingredients? Well, make it a habit to do that. You will know a lot about the brand and its stand on environment protection such as animal testing, ozone depletion and protection of undersea life.

Celebs Don’t Have The Last Word

Just because your favourite celebrity is endorsing a makeup brand, doesn’t mean it’s the best for you. Even teenagers are smarter than that! So if they’re sound convincing enough, remember, that’s what they were hired to do.