Wikipedia says, ‘Casual is the dress code that emphasizes comfort and personal expression over presentation and uniformity.’ It’s simple and so true. 

An ideal situation when we wear casuals is for a movie, picnic, and outings with kids and friends. 

Casual Clothing:


Go for fancy tops such as sequins, silk, satin, lace, sheer. There are lots and lots of options to choose, from a variety of fabrics to styles. But always keep your roles, goals and body shape in mind.

If you are top heavy, choose tops with normal V necks, or rectangular neck lines with soft fabrics; and if you are bottom heavy, then keep your denims plain but experiment with different types of tops.


A cropped jacket looks really smart over a plain tee and denims. Denims, knit, and lace are few basic types of jackets available in the market. If you are bottom heavy, than buy jackets that end just below your thigh curve.


Accessories are not only neck pieces and earrings any more. Get fancy belts, brooch, hair bands, etc to spice up your casual look. Any accessory that you buy will stay longer, than any piece of clothing, so it is wise to invest in good versatile pieces.

Also you can always keep up the trend of season by glamorous accessories. So, if neon is the current trend, and you are not comfortable with neon shoes, bags, or clothes, then just have a hot pink belt, earrings, or a statement neck piece. This way you don’t have to spend again and again, as fashion scene changes.


If you are okay wearing heels then have one pair in each size of heel, starting from ballerinas, and kitten heels, to high heels. For a picnic you can wear ballerinas, and for a movie night you can wear kitten heels.


Go for a structured handbag, which looks both formal and classy.


Summer dresses are fun to wear. If the dress is plain, than wear a tee above it, and it can double up as a skirt. Pair your summer dresses with jacket and cute heels, for a different look.

Casual Dressing Ideas:

Situation One:

Picnic with Family / Friends

Since it is a picnic, a super casual occasion, let’s see how you can glam up.

  1. Go for denims, and a basic blue shirt. Tuck it in, and wear it with red loafers, red earrings (studs or hoops) and a statement ring.
  2. Wear military green shorts (darker colour, since you will be outdoors), and pair it with a lemon yellow tee, a contrasting simple scarf, or with a sleeveless jacket. For shoes, try out moccasins or ballerinas.

Situation Two:

Shopping with Friends

If you are out shopping for clothes, then wear comfortable clothes.  Since you will be walking a lot, always wear comfortable shoes, and carry a big handbag.

  1. Go for an A-line dress with fancy slip-ons (and not slippers), and add a chunky neck piece to complete the look.
  2. Wear coloured pants (but avoid skinny jeans and pants), a white button down shirt, flat peep toes, and hoop earrings for the carefree but stylish look.

There are various situations to experiment with casual wear, and there are lots of varieties available for you, in terms of clothing, accessories, handbags, shoes for the occasions.

Keep the outfit simple and glam up on rest of things, or wear lacy dress and tops and keep the accessories simple.