Author: Prachi Shah

What Makes You Happy?

Have you ever looked at your college trophies or your previous handiworks and sighed, ‘Oh, I loved doing that. But there’s no time to do it now’? If your answer is ‘yes’, then my question is ‘why?’ We Get Caught In Daily Routine As we grow up and enter adulthood, our responsibilities increase and we soon get caught up in fulfilling our duties. This is when people, especially women, slowly forget to find time for their hobbies and make room for their pursuit of personal achievements. I’m not only talking about having a professional career. Many of us are...

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Skinny Or Healthy?

Have you ever noticed how we often justify our food indulgences with our weight? If we put on weight quickly then we better avoid it, and if it isn’t leading to a spike on the weighing scale then we needn’t worry. If only it were that simple! As Dr Pooja Bhatlavande puts it, “The food you eat affects everything. Right from your weight to your skin, hair, sleeping pattern, concentration – everything! Body Structure Is Genetic There’s a prevailing view in our society that fat people are unhealthy and thin ones are healthy. But is our body structure enough...

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Changing Trends in Today’s Bollywood Movies

‘Yeh haath mujhe dede Thakur!’ We all know this dialogue even though many of us weren’t even born when Sholay had released. And it’s not only Sholay’s dialogues that made its impact on the audience; there were so many lines then which have stayed with us even today. Our generation knows ‘Ro mat Pushpa, I hate tears,’ even if those movies belong to the generation before us. But sadly, this making-history quality is lacking in Hindi films today. ‘Nowadays, movies are dull. All they have to their credit is the amount of crores they make,’ says Deepak Shah, director...

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I Have a Dream

Dreams are those fragments of our life which, although regular, go unnoticed and are easily forgotten in wake of reality. However, there are a few dreams, and even nightmares, which stay with you and get that rare attention. And if you gave them enough thought, you’ll be surprised at the amazing stories that can blossom from them! Many times, our subconscious picks up various fragments of information, connects them together, wraps it up in a nice package and presents it to us in our dreams. Says dream analyst Sangeeta Krishnan, ‘When we dream, our subconscious takes control. But because...

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Personalized Gifts, Gifting From the Heart

Personalized gift shops are thriving today because everyone likes to receive something customized. But, how about giving something truly personal, something made with your own hands? Here are a few ideas which will get you that big satisfying ‘WOW’ in return! Calendar: Don’t simply take a bunch of photographs and give it in a gift shop for printing on a calendar. Instead, go buy some beautiful handmade paper, and make a calendar yourself and then stick the photographs. You can even give a caption against each picture. This will be one calendar that won’t be thrown away after the...

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