Author: Prachi Shah

How Indian Television Serials Are Sending Wrong Messages?

‘What nonsense!’ My sister-in-law said as we watched one bahu shed endless tears after her husband scolded her for existing. If we look at our current crop of serials, there will be only one or two, which are not the result of some overworked, cut-out-from-reality scriptwriter’s imagination. But do you ever stop to wonder just what are these serials trying to convey? If you do, you’ll get just one answer: Nonsense. In this day and age, where we talk about women-equality, in all serials there are bahus in saris with matching jewellery, who treat their husbands like parmeshwars or...

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Where Did Sensible Comedy Go?

Comedy is tough to excel at – this statement has been said by most veterans of the genre. Yet, we’ve had jewels like Golmaal (old), Chupke Chupke, etc which have us in splits even today. However, when you look at the comedies today, all we have is slapstick comedies which rely heavily on silly characters, things going wildly haywire, gay jokes and sexual innuendos. The current movies are usually described as a one-time watch. They simply fail to make you laugh twice or have dialogues worth memorising. Remember Chupke Chupke’s famous, ‘Go ko hum goo kyun nahin bolte’? You...

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Why Book Lovers Hate the Movie Versions?

The one category of movies, in which you never have the audience reach a general consensus of good or bad, is when the movie is based on a book. People who have read the book usually find the movie awful, while the ones who haven’t read it, find it great. Why is it so Hard to Please the Book Lovers? A common complaint is that the finer details are deleted, which is why book fans hated Harry Potter movies. The books have so many magical events mentioned that have been ignored in the movies, like the Quidditch Cup in...

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Tips to Write an Interesting Story

In our everyday ordinary lives, you’ll be amazed at the wonderful story ideas that can be derived from seemingly mundane events. But as most of us have realized, having an idea, and converting it into a story, are two very different things. Below are a few tips which will help you develop an interesting plot:   Identify your Audience Every story has a tone which appeals to a particular group. Identifying the audience to your story is important, if you want to capture your reader’s attention. For example, if your story is meant for children, your characters, setting, language,...

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