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Planning Your Scrapbook

A scrapbook is a great idea and while all of us want to make one, there are a few who actually start it and even fewer who finish it. Hence, to make sure that you finish yours, just follow a few simple steps to plan it and get that perfect customized book: Main Theme: Decide what you want to make your scrapbook on. You can make it on you and your spouse, your college, your baby, wedding or even your entire life! Fixing on the main theme helps you pick out appropriate materials and pictures and eliminate confusion and...

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Scraps that Can Help You Make Your Scrapbook

Albums have become obsolete and Facebook photos are passé. No one just wants to see the pictures; they want to know the story behind it too! And what better way to tell your tale, than a nice, colourful scrapbook? However, nowadays with all readymade scrapbook kits and fancy supplies, people simply buy a lot of things and paste it together. But the idea behind a ‘scrap’ book is to actually take scraps and make something creative out of it. So while you may need to buy a few things, here are a few ideas which will help you collect...

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Why Do Women Love Shopping So Much?

Shopping has been women’s first love probably since Homo sapiens came into being. I am fairly sure that when the caveman brought a deer home for food, the cave woman probably said, ‘But I already have a deer skin which I’m tired of wearing. Why didn’t you get a sabre tooth?’ If you survey women in all countries, religions, caste, class and age, the one thing that usually doesn’t change is their worship for shopping. Most women love being the first ones to wear the latest styles and look different from the crowd. ‘What’s the fun in wearing what...

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Some Popular Characters We Love on Television

Various programmes come and go on television but there are only few which make you wait for the next episode, which is often because of the characters. Presenting a list of characters from Hindi and English serials, who carved a niche in people’s hearts right from the time they appeared on screen. Heroes from Yesteryears Vicki Even though it’s been years since Small Wonder was aired, the robot Vicki is strongly etched in our memory. Dressed as a little girl and passed off as an adopted daughter by her family, she never failed to elicit a laugh with her...

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Television Series Which Began With A Bang and Ended With A Fizz

When you review some of the old and current Hindi serials, you can often point out exactly where the brains gave up, and walked out on the serial. Very rarely now do you get gems like Hip Hip Hurray, which began with a bang and ended with people still wanting more. Let’s take a look at a few serials, which lost their sizzle to incomprehensible changes in the storyline. Sanjeevani With a promising premise involving 4 medical interns: Juhi, Rahul, Simran and Omi, who work in Sanjeevani Hospital, this one had an amazing start. It showed heart warming relationships...

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