Have you ever looked at your college trophies or your previous handiworks and sighed, ‘Oh, I loved doing that. But there’s no time to do it now’? If your answer is ‘yes’, then my question is ‘why?’

We Get Caught In Daily Routine

As we grow up and enter adulthood, our responsibilities increase and we soon get caught up in fulfilling our duties. This is when people, especially women, slowly forget to find time for their hobbies and make room for their pursuit of personal achievements.

I’m not only talking about having a professional career. Many of us are unable to go out and work or work professionally at all.

But, what about your hobbies? What about the things that you love to do? All of us have some things which help us relax, some things that we are good at, doing some work that makes us proud once we are done, be it singing, dancing, writing, surfing, gardening,  anything.

We revel in our family’s achievements and do play an important part in their accomplishments. However, their achievements are theirs alone. Similarly, we should have something which is ours alone, something that makes our family proud of us the way we are proud of them.

Says Kinjal Goyal, a writer and a mother of two, ‘In every breathing moment, I am a daughter, a wife, a mother, a daughter-in-law and so many other things. It’s only when I sit to write that I am just Kinjal. I am simply myself.’

With our daily lives tied in the necessity that is routine, it is always good to hold onto something that helps you unwind. There’s nothing wrong with removing some time for yourself and doing things for individual satisfaction.

This can be something as small as becoming a member of a library and enjoying your love for reading for an hour daily or designing clothes and starting your own business.

Follow Your Heart

We often tell ourselves, ‘What can I do with this talent?’ We usually tend to see our talents as too insignificant to put in that extra effort. But no interest or talent is trivial.

Take Shobha Indani for example. Her skill lay in cooking, which all of us women are usually adept at. But she worked on developing her skill further and today, she has one of the most thriving and popular cooking classes ever.