We all wish we were happy all the time. Completely and permanently. Maybe we are. maybe we just don’t realize it. Happiness is not difficult to achieve. We just have to believe in ourselves. I always tell myself this when I am depressed “If you are sad look below and you will see that there are millions who are worse off than you. So don’t complain”

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This is what Huma, one of the members from the IL family feels about it. And a Quote her;

Friends ask  every day: “How are you?” Without thinking you reply: “Fine thanks. But is this true? Are you really happy?

Being happy gives us a sense of well being and inner strength and we need four different areas of strength

– Physical
– Mental/psychological
– Personal and emotional

Here’s how to achieve this.

Take Out ‘Me Time’

Give yourself ‘me time’ everyday. This can be meditation, a cup of tea, yoga, a short walk or simply time to tune into your feelings. The better you treat yourself, the better life will treat you.

Say Yes

Know what you most want to say yes to in your life. The clearer you are about this, the easier you’ll find it to say no to what isn’t important. Work out what your priorities are. Ask yourself: “What comes first today?”

Identify Your Strengths

You probably know what you are not very good at, but may have no idea where your real talents lie. Make a list of all your strengths…in life, relationships and work. Real strength starts with knowing what your true strengths are and being able to use them.

Get Help

Don’t try to ‘do’ life on your own without any help from others. Think about who you could be asking for more support. Be willing to receive help.

Identify the Next Step

Imagine you have reached the point in your life where it’s time to ‘take the next step.’ This might be in work, relationships or your life in general. Ask the five people closest to you what they think your next step should be and be open to the possibilities.

Be Grateful

Gratitude is a short cut to happiness. Write down moments you are truly grateful for. Think about relationships, people, experiences, places, books and songs. The more you will be truly grateful for.

Take Note of Stress

Stress is an invitation to change something. It’s not bad or wrong….just information. It’s a memo in your brain that says….help…get support.
What is your stress trying to tell you and what positive change can you make?

Nurture Relationships

Relationships are at the heart of success in life and work, but busy lives can mean that our most important relationships don’t get enough attention.
Ask yourself…..Who could i be spending more time with? And… Who could i be listening to more?…Once you know the answers, do something about it.

Don’t Wait to be Happy

One of the biggest blocks to happiness is that we’re waiting to be happy. We want life to get better so we can be happy. But life won’t get better until we choose to be happy. Happiness is a way of travelling not a destination. Choose to be happy for no good reason. make a conscious decision to be happy and see how this affects the rest of your day.