Editor’s Note: It is easy to find fair weather friends. But the real ones are those who stand by when you are swimming in troubled waters. Our member iyerviji tells us about her son’s best buddies. Share your ‘best friend story’ with us here.

When you are up in life
Your friends get to know who you are….
But When you are down in life…
You get to know who your friends are…

In life we should have good friends. I always had good friends in every stage of life who helped a lot. Like me my son also has lot of friends and from different sources like school friends, college friends,CA friends, he worked as trainee in my office for the last year of CA that time he made many friends from my office who were all senior to him. His friends are all very friendly .

Once he had gone for a picnic with his friends. I don’t know what happened but he got hurt in his head and they admitted him to the hospital. But no one told me what happened exactly even though they were together. However everyday they used to come and take care of him and never gave us any trouble. This happened long back

Now they all are in different places but keep in touch with each other. They help each other whenever it is needed. Not only do they help each other but they help their families also. Since my son is abroad when I had some problem with my photon he told his friend here and he sent an engineer to see what the problem was and solved the problem. Told me whenever you have any problem call me aunty. 

Yesterday I met another friend of my son. He was asking whether my home theater is working. I told him that there was some problem and that I was not getting proper connection. I also told him that there was some problem with my Tablet. He came home and gave the connection to the TV for home theater and showed me how to do it and also corrected Tablet problem. It was so nice of him to take time and come home and help me.

If we have friends we should have like these boy. He also told me that if there was any problem I could contact him or any other friend of my son’s. Hearing that I felt so happy that someone is there to care for us though my son is not here and staying abroad.