This woollen wall hanging is a simple and easy to make craft that you can use to decorate your home. 

Things required:
1.Leftover woollens of various colours
2.Stick(I used 2 sticks from an old broom, it can be done with even 3 to,4 sticks)
3.Decorative things like beads,mirrors (optional)
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Procedure for making the woollen wall hanging:
1.Tie the sticks with the woollen threads in a ‘+’ shape
2.Weave the thread around the sticks.You can change the colour of the woollen in between by tying with the previous woollen thread.
3.Here I didn’t do any decoration.Just made it with woollen threads itself.I plaited the wool and hanged in the corners.If you want you can stick some beads in the corners.
4.Tie the wool in one corner of the stick and hang it on the wall.Here goes the nice wall hanging without a paisa spent.