Editor’s Note: A new born’s care needs careful and patient handling. And also a number of things which need to be kept handy. If you are currently in the USA and have relatives visiting from India, below are some of the things that you should ask them to bring for you. Our experienced IL ladies share their experiences. Add to the lists here OR here

Soft cotton clothes for use after delivery. Like old soft cotton dhoti. My mom made some oil for baby too. – ammani 

For the new born: Front open cotton tops and some pants– make sure you get full sleeve ones too (in winter). Small footwear. Cotton caps (which can be tied). Soft cotton saris/towels to wrap the baby after the showers for first few weeks. Besan for baby shower time (USA besan is really bad). Kajal (grand ma will not leave the baby without that nazar ka teeka). Ghee.Rubber sheets – it helps to leave the baby without diapers when they get rash. Steel medicine dispensers. (uggu ginne – optional). Castor oil for baby’s hair – apparently it helps them stay warm. Sambrani – Get the ones which are available in individual small holders. Woodwards Gripe water. Small toys that make noise when you rattle them (Initially babies sleep so much that we actually have to wake them up to feed them and the rattle toys are great. Three months later, they will be your baby’s best toys – they will hold them and play with them.)

For MomMother Horlicks – Take it from ninth month itself (1Box/1month). Kasthuri Turmeric – helps get rid of the black spots that come up thru and after pregnancy. (Well, my mom got it but I never used .Cotton towels.Cotton pajamas for mommy – helps hold the tummy inside. Indian elastic is much stronger than the American pajama elastic. A small stool like the ones we sit on when we do pooja – mom will need this to sit on when she gives bath to the baby in the bathtub. Cotton towels to use as bedsheets in baby crib. They work the best as u can wash them as often as you want.

Don’t BuyNighties with front zips. They are bad because it takes too long to open the zip when the baby is crying and the zip lines sometimes get too close to baby’s eyes. The t-shirts are very convenient as they cover well and easy to feed. Don’t buy Indian sweaters for babies. They have too much lint and are not very elastic. Don’t buy Indian baby beds. Too flimsy and don’t give the support baby’s back needs – SimpleGirl 

I am not sure if you are Tamil. We have something called ura marundhu which is very good especially the vasambhuiys natural sedative. And nowadays they have a powder form of it and you make a paste with castor and rub it on baby tummy it relieves gas instantly .- lochu 

Check if u can get ajwain plant. The leaves help during cough n cold. The ajwain leaf crushed with sugar cubes (hindi misri) is helpful to get relief from congestion. My son had immediate relief from cold n cough and the congestion cleared within a day. I too had help from its consumption. – ammani 

Quick dry sheets are better than rubber sheets. I am using it for my baby. It absorbs pee immediately and baby won’t feel wet. Tell her to bring the biggest size available. You can cut it accordingly. The small sheet can be cut into two pieces. – mercyagin

If you plan to do punyajanam (the 11th day ceremony for naming a baby),plan for the things you need/you can’t buy in your place. If it is a girl, ask your mom to stitch traditional dresses and silk full skirt and tops for her so that you can make her wear and take cute photos.- cathy

Get the diaper rash cream from Himalayas. It’s so good and cheaper than foreign products. If you plan to ask your parents to get soap etc., then I highly recommend Himalaya products (especially their baby oil is very good for dry skin) Traveller 

Marundhu podi – if you have the practice of taking legiyam post delivery. Sambrani – if there is no fear of fire alarm. Kaajal. Thandai, black bangle. New born dresses. Rubber sheet – QuickDry – this is not the traditional rubber sheet. Found this to be super useful while changing diapers, massages etc. Vasambu / kasthuri koranjanai. Omam – i used to give omam water/ajwain instead of gripe water. Payatha maavu. Kasturi manjal. Nursing nighties. Paaladai Anklet. Cotton cloth / veshti / cotton nappies / diaper covers – definitely cheaper in India. By cotton nappies I mean those that require three fold. Naidu Hall has good quality stuff.- ramyaramani 

So go ahead and make your shopping list as you prepare for the new life to come into this world.