Editor’s Note: You are likely to experience mood swings during your pregnancy. Know about all the other changes that pregnancy brings along  in the Top 15 Early Symptoms of Pregnancy. Mood swings happen  because of hormonal changes in the body. This in turn affects the levels of neurotransmitters (chemical messengers in the brain). However it can be dealt with. Here are top 10 tips from the IL community on how to handle the emotions best. 

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Get good nutrition. Half the problem of bad mood is due to lack of energy. Learn deep breathing exercises. Take long, leisurely walks in the evening. Read humorous books and avoid all weepy TV serials. Listen to a lot of soothing music. If you like western, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky are really relaxing. Look at flowers and green trees as much as possible. Drink plenty of plain water. To take your mind off any irritating thoughts, do crosswords, puzzles, sudoku or even knitting. – vidyasarada

Try to get as much sleep as possible. Drink lots of water in the day but take less after 6.00 pm so that you won’t have your bladder full in the night. Don’t eat heavy meals at night. Eat light and take a good stroll. If you have a temple or park nearby walk there and watch the people around it will revitalise your energy. – rajmiarun

Talk to the baby and enjoy its movements. Take more dry fruits, you will get all necessary things but won’t get too full. Listen to music and watch small children. And also think of your baby all the time. – Varloo

I had my mother-in-law to pitch in support. Try reading good books from the library, doing light exercises and cooking nice and healthy meals for yourself and your kid. If you have a second child then go on a walk with her. – enlightened

I start doing some household work when I have my mood swings and automatically i feel better. Or just cal any of your close friend, and chat for some time. – manasa_gs

This is a very special time in your life; please do not let anyone ruin this for you and your baby. Once your baby comes you will be busy with the feedings etc. So take this time to prepare and plan, and leave all the other worries out of your mind. – sashie

Why don’t you do some certification course? Watch all good movies, learn to bake a cake, different pastas (kids will eat only this so start learning!). Just enjoy this phase. – rose8282

Cook elaborate meals of even just clean vegetables like spinach or peel pomegranates instead (this takes 1 hour). Subscribe to additional newspapers (sudoku etc). Login to IL, tripadvisor etc. Call ILs more often. Listen to prayers on Mp3s (2 to 3 hours). – ssm014

Speak with friends and have video chats with family. There are many books and websites about baby growth and nutrition that babies require every month. Plan your diet too and enjoy the progress. – mrsnavaneeth

Spend the time you have now on taking care of the baby, simple stretches, deep breathing, regular walking and keeping yourself informed about the pregnancy. Get involved with your own self and your pregnancy. dwirakhi

Pregnancy will change your life forever. So accept it, enjoy it and give yourself a break.