It is normal for a expecting woman to leak during pregnancy. You are most likely to experience it during your last trimester. The first milk that leaks out is called the colostrum. You will find that this is yellowish in colour and is very nutritious for the baby. If you leak during pregnancy, don’t worry that this colostrum will dry up even before your child is born. Your body will continue to make it till well after your child is born. Some tips for you to manage your leaking breasts follows below.

Wear breast pads

Wear clothes that are layered, of dark shades and have patterns so that the leaks don’t show easily.

Apply gentle pressure on the nipples with your wrist to stop the flow. Or cross your arms and press on your nipples. However don’t do this too often as the milk ducts can get blocked. This will not only cause you pain but might even called an infection called mastitis.

However, don’t make the mistake of using home remedies that are used in later stages of breast feeding to dry up the milk. For example don’t use cabbage leaves to control your leaking breasts during pregnancy for it might stop the lactation completely.

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