Breaking of water means the rupturing of the bag that contains the amniotic fluid – the fluid that protects your baby inside your womb. Once the bag ruptures the liquid comes out through the vagina. Breaking of the water is usually a sign that you are in labour. However if it happens before 37 weeks then special medical care is often needed.

The first thing that you should remember if your water breaks is to keep calm. Then call your doctor and leave for the hospital. Wear a sanitary pad as a lot of liquid will come out. Wearing the pad will also help you to tell the doctor know the exact colour of the liquid coming out. It can be:

  • Usually it is a clear liquid with a slight yellowish tinge to it
  • It can be reddish if accompanied by blood
  • It can be a deeper yellow if the baby has passed her first bowel movement inside

Before getting into the car also put a clean towel or a plastic sheet on it to prevent it from becoming soggy.

Remember that once your water breaks, regardless of how many weeks pregnant you are make sure that the doctor examines you. This is because once the water breaks, the baby inside becomes more susceptible to infections that can enter into the womb from the vagina.

Did your water break? What did you do? Were you alone then/ share your experiences with us here.