While feeling sleepy during pregnancy is a fairly common situation there are ways by which you can reduce it.


Take naps and rest whenever possible and make it a habit of going to bed early. Take cues from your body regarding when you need to sleep.


Drink a lot of fluids throughout the day but reduce the intake two to three hours prior to night time bed time. This will decrease the number of times that you will need to get up to go to the bathroom and improve the quality of sleep at night. Also bend a little forward when you are urinating so as to clean the bladder more fully.


Do a little bit of leg stretching exercises before sleep. This will reduce the possibility of leg cramps at night and give you a more peaceful sleep.

Exercise for half an hour each day to keep the body fit and to reduce cramps and swellings in the body

Food and Drinks 

When you are feeling tired during day time do not drink caffeinated drinks. The energy boost that such drinks give is very short lived and in the long run causes dehydration and increase in the sugar levels. Instead drink fresh juices and water.

Night time leg cramps happen in women who are anaemic. So include a lot of folate and iron in the diet. This can be through various fruits and vegetables and even supplements that have been recommended by the doctor.

Avoid heartburn by eating small meals throughout the day instead of two huge meals and also avoid consuming spicy and fried food.