Editor’s Note: If you are alone in the USA and wondering whether you will able to manage the delivery of your child single-handedly then don’t worry. Many women have gone through this before. We bring you stories of some here. 

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Nurses and Doctors will Help – hymavarun 

I delivered my baby 7 months back through c-section.no one came from India and we don’t have many friends here because of less Indians in my city. At first i was scared but the doctors here has taken good care of me. I had to stay in the hospital for 4 days. My baby was in special care as she was a premature baby. At hospitals the nurse will teach you everything from breastfeeding to bath. After going home if your husband can stay with you for few days that can be great help. There won’t be any pain even if it is a c section. They will give pain medicines.

One small suggestion I can give is try to introduce bottle feeding along with direct feeding. This will help you recover faster. You and your husband can share the feedings in the night which will help you to get some rest. Once the baby is 2 months old you can avoid bottle. This way i recovered very fast.

Attend breast feeding classes. Best time to attend is when you are 7 months pregnant. Hope this helps.


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