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As you complete the 18th week of pregnancy the middle of the pregnancy term is approaching, this week is crucial for both the mother and the child.

Changes in Your Body at Week 19 Pregnancy

As your blood volume and metabolism increases, you might notice your skin becoming dry and flaky. Try and keep your skin lubricated. This will avoid all the itching and also reduce the number of stretch marks. Cocoa butter is a good option in this context.

At 19 weeks of pregnancy as your heart works overtime to supply more blood to some of your organs, you can experience bouts of breathlessness.

Your Baby’s Development at Week 19 Pregnancy

Till now the baby was measured from the crown to the rump. But now it is measured from head to foot.

Its arms and legs are now proportional to the body.

At 19 weeks of pregnancy the scalp begins to produce hair. Its skin is also covered with fine hair and a creamy material called vernix.

If your baby is a girl then by this week her ovaries already have more than six million eggs!

The baby has become more active by now as you move into the 20th week of being pregnant. But it still sleeps more than twenty hours a day. In fact, most of its waking hours are when the mother wants to sleep. So be prepared to feel the kicks most when you wish to sleep.

Week 19 Pregnancy Tips and Advice

Due to all the internal changes in your body, you will tend to dehydrate. So always keep a bottle of water handy. It is best if you have boiled water from your home with you and don’t drink any outside water as it could be contaminated.

Stay away from caffeine and sodas as they only increase the blood pressure and the heart rates,

You can experience back pain. Try and maintain a good posture and take adequate rest to reduce the aches. For example: when you have to bend down to pick up something, bend from the knees rather than from the waist. Also when you have to get up from the lying position then roll to one side and then get up rather than getting up straight.

At 19 weeks of pregnancy loud noises can startle your baby. So try and keep calm and talk softly under all situations. Also spend time talking to your child. She is sure to love it.

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Week 19 Fun

If you are having a normal pregnancy, then there is no reason for you to stay away from a little bit of swimming. So go enjoy a dip today.

Head to the terrace or to the verandah and star gaze and identify galaxies together over a cup of hot chocolate.

Cook dinner together and then enjoy it over a candle light dinner and slow sensual music.

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Week 19 Pregnancy Discussions

Week 19 Have a Laugh

This is how your birthing plan changes as you move from having your first child to your third one:

  • 1st baby: You practice your breathing religiously in your antenatal class.
  • 2nd baby: You don’t bother because you remember that last time.
  • 3rd baby: You ask for an epidural in your eighth month.