When you are on a diet, it may be overwhelming to stay on track as you may be faced with various distractions – emotional, physical and mental. However, taking baby steps will help you to stay determined and is more practical to keep you on track each day and in the right direction. Here are top ways that can keep you motivated. Attempt to try some of these tips this month that will help you get closer to your goals.

Break FastEarly in the Morning: Never skip breakfast. You have high chances of overeating later, if you skip the important meal of the day. Make a healthy and balanced breakfast that keeps you energized and feels full for long time.

Mid Morning: Aim to lose 1 pound a week, which means, you should reduce your daily intake by 300 calories and you should burn 200-300 calories per day for a week or more. Add more number minutes of exercise per day and add an extra day to your exercise schedule. For instance, if you are working out for 3 days for 45 minutes; try increasing your schedule to 4 days of 1 hour each.

Noon: Pack or eat lunch that is filled with good amount of vegetables and protein. As with breakfast, never skip lunch. Your body’s metabolism needs energy every two hours. It is therefore necessary to fuel your body with nutritious food. Write down as much as you can on what you are eating. Food journal is an effective tool to indicate where you are going wrong in a diet. Use the several free health tracker tools that are available in the Internet.

glasswaterPost Lunch: It is time when you feel like having a cookie or a slice of that yummy pie. Before you grab that piece, drink a glass of water to see if you are hungry. We mistake thirst for hunger, say diet experts. If you still feel hungry, have a small bowl of fruits, crackers and water that can keep you full.

Evening: Prepare healthy and light dinner that consists of herbs, vegetables and grains. Healthy meal need not always be complicated. Look for simple dinner menus that can keep you going.

Post Dinner: Aim to walk for 15-20 minutes after dinner. This is good to burn calories as well as give you a sound sleep at night.

Night: This is the vulnerable time when you may feel like eating out of boredom, exhaustion or emotion. Stick to a hobby that will distract you of such thoughts or simply hit the bed early. A good sleep is an effective way to burn calories. Inadequate sleep leads to unnecessary weight gain. Keep such unwanted calories gain with better and sound sleep.

Important Things to Remember

  • Eat small meals every three to four hours, which will avoid overeating.
  • Exercise is an essential part of a diet. If you feel bored doing it alone, get a friend or do it in a group that will help you stay on track. You must schedule time in the day to do exercise.
  • If you are going to eat out, in a party or dinner, always practice portion control. You can sample your favorites but in smaller bits. Engage in conversation, which will keep you away from filling the plate.
  • Relax one day in the week to do something that you really enjoy so that you are ready to stay in track. Pat yourself and reward yourself for sticking with the diet plan by pampering yourself with a good head massage, pedicure and other simple treats that are not linked to food.
  • Make smart alternatives when you have craving for unhealthy food that will fill you up with lesser calories.
  • When on a diet, it pays to plan your meal. Else, you are likely to eat things that are unhealthy since you may not have any healthy options to eat.
  • Aim to eat out less and reserve eating out for extremely special occasions.
  • Keep changing your workout schedules to keep your body guessing.
  • Get enough grains, fruits and vegetables in each meal of your diet that will keep you full and energized for the day.
  • Motivation is the key. Inspire and motivate yourself with books, audio tapes, images that will help you to be focused on the goal.

All the Best!