Pregnancy brings with it many changes. Know all about it in the Top 15 Early Symptoms of Pregnancy.  Amongst others, one is changing food cravings and requirements. It’s easy for an expecting mother to lose track of what and when she eats as she juggles household responsibilities while meeting the demands of her changing body. If that’s the case with you, read on. Here are some great tips to keep you well-nourished amidst your chores, and also on days when you just feel like lazing around all day!

Eat Right

An expecting mother needs 300 extra calories during the first trimester, and she needs to gain around half a kg per week during the next six months. It’s best to eat around five to six small meals a day, rather than the usual three meals. Try not to have a gap of more than four hours between meals.

Food Menu:

A healthy pregnancy menu should have a variety of food items from different categories of food groups such as-


Around four cups a day of whole grains, cereals, rice, pasta, whole wheat bread would give the much-needed energy boost to your body for all the extra work that it’s doing.


2 ½ -3 cups of lean meat, dals, fish, nuts, milk, paneer, eggs, per day are essential for the tissue growth of a developing foetus.

Vitamins and Minerals

These are required for boosting the baby’s immune system, nerve and muscle development, formation of blood, brain development, and other vital bodily functions. Around three cups, or four to five helpings of fruits, 2 ½ cups of green leafy vegetables, and three cups of milk are needed by your pregnant body. You must also consume liver, eggs, dates, almonds, walnuts and oily fish for various major and minor minerals.


Butter, vegetable oil, olive oil, fatty fish coconut milk, etc can be had amounting to about six teaspoons a day.


Water and other fluids are extremely important to keep you hydrated.