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PCOS – Symptoms and Treatment

Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is an endocrine disorder that affects approximately 10% women of reproductive age. This makes it one of the leading causes of female infertility.  Symptoms of PCOS Women with PCOS develop cysts on their ovaries, thus producing more follicles than normal every month, which in turn affects ovulation. The exact causes of PCOS are unknown yet, but it can be diagnosed by the doctor through blood tests, and ultrasound examination, as well as observing the symptoms commonly associated with PCOS. PCOS symptoms are different in different women, and include: Excess facial and body hair, Irregular...

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What You Should Know About Hepatitis B Symptoms

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) viral hepatitis in the Southeast Asian region is likely to cause the death of five million people over the next decade. In light of this, it becomes very important to know what exactly is hepatitis B, the symptoms, what causes the disease, how can it be prevented, what are the treatment options available, the diagnosis and the follow-up. We will deal with each of these topics one by one, dividing this series on hepatitis B into four parts – coming up with one post every week. What Is Hepatitis B: Hepatitis (the...

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What You Should Know About Hepatitis B – Causes

In the first part of our four part series on Hepatitis  B, we covered what is Hepatitis  B, what are the different phases through which the infection progresses and the common symptoms. In this second part, we explain the factors that cause this viral infection.  Causes Of Hepatitis  B Hepatitis  B is a blood borne infection, thus the virus is present in the blood stream and other bodily fluids of the patient. The major modes of transmission of Hepatitis  B thus include the following – Venereal  Transmission – In infected individuals, the Hepatitis  B virus is found in the...

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What You Should Know About Hepatitis B – Diagnosis and Treatment

After learning about Hepatitis B, its various phases, common symptoms and causes, we will be covering the diagnosis and the treatment options for this viral infection in this third part of our four-part series. If you have been experiencing the symptoms commonly associated with Hepatitis B, or have been exposed to certain conditions that might have resulted in an infection, you should immediately undergo tests for diagnosing this viral infection. Diagnosis The diagnostic process for Hepatitis B involves seeking one of the following three options. Studying The Markers Present In The Blood – Markers are certain chemicals produced by...

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What You Should Know About Hepatitis B – Prevention

In this last and final post in our four part series on hepatitis B, we cover follow-up procedures and tips to prevent this dangerous viral infection from affecting one of the most vital organs of our body – the liver. Hepatitis B is a preventable disease. Prevention of hepatitis B needs a well chalked out plan in terms of education, strategy creation, implementation, control and monitoring. One has a very good chance to fight this disease with tools like widespread public awareness, prompt vaccinations, and effective lifestyle changes. Tips To Reduce The Risk Of Contracting Hepatitis B Vaccination The...

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