I conceived but it ended in a chemical pregnancy and lasted for week after my missed period. After three months, I conceived again but had a miscarriage in the 9th week. My doctor informed me that the baby had stopped growing in the 6th week.
During my initial checkup, it was observed that I have a very small intramural fibroid in my uterus. However, doctors claimed that it is not causing any harm. I had to undergo D&C procedure after which my periods began within 38 days.

Since then I am having regular and normal periods. However, I am unable to conceive despite trying during the right days. What can be the reason my inability to conceive and how can I have a healthy pregnancy?



Firstly, let us understand what a chemical pregnancy is, since it often sounds more ominous than it really is. It occurs when a lady tests positive for pregnancy, but has a miscarriage before the fetus can be detected by an ultrasound. This often occurs when the egg gets fertilized and implanted in the uterus, but is unable to grow for a variety of reasons. Chemical pregnancies are fairly common, so please do not lose hope, as one early miscarriage is not a cause for concern.

You can also be rest assured that your doctor has terminated the pregnancy as per correct protocol. Your doctor also correctly pointed out that the presence of a fibroid did not have any role to play in this mishap. Since you now have normal and regular periods, you have high chances of conceiving again.

I would advise that rather than rushing into pregnancy right away, please wait for three months. This will give time for your hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) levels to return to normal. Discuss this with your gynaecologist as well and understand if you need to get certain blood tests done to ensure that your bodily functions are normal. Once you get the all clear sign, you can plan a pregnancy.

Your doctor might also recommend that you start taking folic acid supplements while you are contemplating pregnancy. Folic acid protects your baby from serious birth defects. It is possible that you would realize you are pregnant only a few weeks after conception. If your body is already fortified with folic acid prior to conception, your baby will be safeguarded from ailments like spina bifida, which is a dangerous spinal malformation.

Above all, while you are planning a pregnancy, follow a healthy lifestyle by eating nutritious food and staying active and keep away from stress. After all, only a healthy and happy mother can bring a healthy and happy baby into this world. All the best!

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