Editor’s Note: You don’t get pregnant every day. And when your home pregnancy test kit says that you are, quite naturally, you just be looking for some creative ideas to announce that you are pregnant. Here are some ideas from our Indusladies members that is sure to get your imagination rolling. 

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My friend gave raw mangoes to all at get together to announce her daughter’s pregnancy. My friend’s husband took blue and pink balloons to his parents to announce good news. I asked my mother in law to get tamarind from the market. – manguji 

My husband DH called his father and said that he is going to be grandfather.Likely he called my parents and said the same. For the others we announced during New Year Party with sweets. – Nijasav

He called his mom and asked her if she was ready to be a grandma, it seems she replied that she is still busy sorting the stuff post wedding. She was taken back with the news, and when he told my parents, they thought he was joking.It took a while for both the parents to digest the news. – sitharaj 

Tell your parents that by giving a hint – “Dad I think your hair is graying faster than i thought it was” and with that you can add “may be its because you will soon be promoted”.  Or these days people express it by taking a photocopy of their scan result to show the surprise! – suganvijay

Use the family photo trees available in gift shops and write “coming soon” or “coming Mar 2014” for the place for your baby.- bjsmumbai 

If possible change you caller tune to a babies laugh or cry they will be excited to hear. Or else when they call play these in background they will ask if any baby is there in home tell them it will still take 8 or 7 months to come and how come they heard it so soon? – zainabsarfraz 

Purchase a “I’m going to be a big brother” t-shirt before you leave USA. After you reach India, pick a day to announce the happy news and make your 2 year old son wear it and let your in-laws know there’s something your son would like to tell everyone – thekumars9308

And if these are not enough then try, send over flowers with a card reading s ‘grandpa’ etc, or wrap the pregnancy test and send it to your parents, make a word puzzle for everyone to decipher or even bake a cake and send the message hidden inside it, Be whacky, Be imaginative – and have a lot of fun.