One of the key delights in any woman’s life is taking on the role of a mother. The only hiccup lies in the transition of roles which takes place during the nine months of pregnancy.

While a pregnant woman has to take extreme care and precaution during the crucial nine months, travelling too is a cause of concern. However with today’s modern medical care facilities, and mobile healthcare centers, one can easily travel without fear, but just with that little extra care.

Pregnant women are anyway in a delicate condition through their term of pregnancy. As a start they need to consider whether their travel trip is absolutely necessary. If it is, then the entire plan should start based on what is the best mode of travel.Here Are Some Tips for Travelling While Pregnant.

Reduce Travelling Time

When a pregnant woman is travelling, she needs to find ways to reduce her travel time. If airlines fly to the destination, then it is always better for a pregnant lady to travel by air instead of road or train to reduce the travel time. This will help to shorten her moments of nausea too.

Keep the Mind Alert

It is important to stay alert and active for a pregnant woman during a flight or train / road journey.  It helps to read, listen to music, write…keep the body active so that the journey doesn’t weigh on her when she steps off.

Pack Loose Clothes

Pregnancy is the one phase in which a woman can eat what she wants and not bother about increasing weight. And it’s important to feel comfortable during this time, especially to counter uneasiness of travelling with a bulky girth. It works best to pack and wear loose clothes to stay comfortable and mobile.

Get the Details of the Nearest Health Care Centre

Before leaving for your journey, save the details of the nearest health care facility, close to your destination in your mobile phone. Although you may not need it, this will remain handy, should anything go wrong.

Carry Adequate Medication

Before a travel trip, consult a doctor and carry all the necessary medication needed to stay fit.

Try Not to Travel Alone

This point is especially important for a pregnant woman traveler to bear in mind. During pregnancy one never knows when one will need physical or emotional assistance.  Ask a friend or relative to accompany you, if possible.