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You have finished the 19th week of pregnancy and are in the middle of your second trimester and also the middle of your forty week pregnancy. Congratulations on surviving all the nausea, aches and fatigue. But there is more to come. Know what to expect in the coming days in our pregnancy guide e-book.

Changes in Your Body at Week 20 Pregnancy

You can expect to gain around a pound each week from hereon. So be ready with all your maternity wear as you step into the 21st week of pregnancy.

At 20 weeks of pregnancy you will notice that your vaginal discharge increases as your pregnancy progresses. It is thick and whitish in colour. This is normal so don’t worry. However if you notice that it is turning greenish and is developing a bad odour then do tell your doctor as it could be a sign of an infection. Wear loose cotton panties to avoid this.

Your Baby’s Development at Week 20 Pregnancy

The growth of your approximately 7.5 inch long baby has decreased a little. But it will again pick up by the end of this week.

Although the lungs are not fully developed, the baby has begun to breathe.

At 20 weeks of pregnancy the baby begins to give out a dark green substance. This is called meconium. It consists of the amniotic fluid that it has swallowed along with the digestive secretions.

Week 20 Pregnancy Tips and Advice

At 20 weeks of pregnancy include iron in your diet. These are found in dark leafy vegetables like spinach and even in fish and dried fruits. Lack of iron in the body at this stage will not only lead to anaemia but will also harm the life inside you. In some case it can even lead to premature labour.

Get your birthing plan ready. Given an option what birthing would you want to opt for? At 20 weeks of pregnancy read up more about the pros and cons of each method. Also let your partner know what option to choose in case of emergencies.

Week 20 Fun

Pick up those needles and get creative. Make those tiny socks for the little ones. It doesn’t matter if they are not perfect.

Go to a nearby café and enjoy a sandwich together, don’t forget to carry a slip pad. Take turns to write down dreams that you both have begun to dream about your child.

So does your baby kick just when you are about to doze off? Have you spoken to your doctor about your birthing plan? Join our due date club here and share your thoughts with other mums-to-be.

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Week 20 Pregnancy Discussions

Week 20 Have a Laugh

In an antenatal class the instructor tells all the husbands, “it is good if you take your wife for a walk every day.”

After a hushed silence, one husband speaks up, “is it OK if I ask her to carry my golf bag during the walk?”