Editor’s Note: On World Environment Day, here’s a discussion on the need to dispose off the diaper and the sanitary pad properly.Thank you pingme for beginning this discussion and also a huge round of appreciation to our two members who have contributed to this discussion. Do share your thoughts with us here.

Let’s pledge to minimize use of these pollutants for sake of our kids. 

Our member womenz said:

The average woman will use 16,800 pads or tampons in her lifetime.The National Women’s Health Network, estimate that in the United States alone, over 12 billion pads and 7 million tampons are used once and disposed of every year. They take a very long time to break down and release toxic chemicals into the earth.

Disposable pads are pretty plasticky these days. Whilst the pads might be ‘barely there’ – the chemicals and gels that provide the super-absorbancy in most brands can cause irritation and allergies for many women.

Thanks God nowadays many international companies have discovered some biodegradable napkins

Our member Mahajanpragati said: 

As an young teenager i remember using old cotton sarees & duppatta as pads.they were convenient,soft & could be even reused (yuck but true).

Now, for past 10 year or so am using sanitary napkins and it really scares me how dependent we are on them. i remember one Sunday with only one pad left and my desperation to go to chemist when loads of old cloth was lying at home.

Diapers is again a pollutant but society forces us to use it. I remember a mom telling me to put diaper on my 2 year old son before sending him to play at her house. Yes,they are very convenient and sometimes specially in parties etc very helpful but we should avoid squeezing our babies into then 24 hrs.

Then the big question of disposing them .i see parents throwing dirty diapers on roadside and into running water. At least have courtesy of using a dustbin.