Editor’s Note; In an age where we should know our subjects at school well to keep up with the competition, having good writing skills also become important. Our member Sabitha_K shares some tips on how to improve writing skills in English. Share your tips with us too here. 

In order to improve one’s writing skills the best advise I can give you is to start writing/blogging whenever you have free time.You will definitely see the difference in a few months time. A few more tips are:

Use of Sophisticated Words

Enrich the content by replacing some of the mundane words for more sophisticated ones.Look up for synonyms of a word which is repetitive in a passage and replace it with another word. That way, you have not only added a new word in your mental lexicon but also made the content more impressive with apt words.There are few words like. good and bad which are overused, so dig up for words which convey the true meaning with the right degree of emotion you want to impart. A good thesaurus at hand is a very useful tool to sculpt great writings.

Read Well Written English Newspapers

Read a local newspaper or online edition of reputed international daily newspaper [ Wall Street Journal/NY Times ]. The style of writing in these newspapers is considered to be exemplary and you will learn a lot. When I initially started reading these journals, I was overwhelmed with the classy style of writing.

Be Passionate about your Writing

Be passionate when you write something. You will never be able to write well on a subject which you are not passionate about.

Write a Journal

Maintain a diary to record your diurnal activities. That way, you will have something to write about every day. Try to be as creative as you can and look for ways and means of recounting your unremarkable tales with remarkable style.

Last but not the least, why not try posting few snippets in ‘Snippets’ forum of IL. It is a great way to hone one’s writing skills and you will receive feedback for your posts as well.