Lord Krishna – Gopal – the little child who is God. Known for stealing butter, running after gopis, fighting for justice and just being Him. As India gears up to celebrate the birth of the Lord on Janmashtami, take some time out to teach your little ones about Him the smart and fun way.


Kids love listening to stories be that straight form the books or just cuddled up next to you. Take this opportunity to read them stories of Lord Krishna. His birth and life does have many a thrilling stories. For the little ones, get books that have more colour and pictures as that will grab their attention more.

Nowadays bookstores also sell various colouring books. Get hold of a Krishna-colouring book and spend an enjoyable evening colouring Him and eating sweets.


Cartoons are the new order of the day. While there are already television shows being aired on different cartoon channels, you can also purchase CDs and DVDs. Kids are sure to love watching Krishna and his antics as an animation. So go on and educate them about our mythology.


Spend the day playing games that the Lord loved to play. set up your own matki and get the kids to break them at home, play hide and seek, decorate a swing with flowers and hold a swinging competition. And when the little ones are very tired, you could indulge them with a few ipad or computer games too.

Cultural Programmes

Make your won swing with flowers and bake a cake. Invite all the small children from the society and have a small party. Arrange for fancy dress, dancing, singing and drama activities for them. Else visit a mandir to take part in the various cultural programmes that they organize.

Craft Corner

Spend the day making some easy crafts with your kids.

  • Use some gold paper to make Krishna’s crown. Then decorate it with glitter and a peacock feather created out of paper and paint.
  • Create peacock feathers with wire and coloured thread and then use those to decorate a dahi handi
  • Make a colourful rangoli of tiny Krishna footsteps leading from the door right into the house.
  • Use dolls from home (or make tiny ones with play dough) to create a village scene with Krishna and the gopis.