Editor’s Note: Little ones get bored easily. Holding their attention for a long span of time is impossible. So parents need lots of ideas and toys to keep them entertained during the hours when they are awake. Our IL members some toy ideas that kids less than a year old love. Share yours too with us here. 

Baby Gym

A baby gym with music, lights, nature sounds, games and textures. My baby has been using it since birth and she uses it the most. Initially she was kicking (motor skills for leg coordination). Then she turned, she looked around (visual stimulation), sounds (hearing), then she used her hands to touch the toys. She now pulls them from their clips, she curls up around the giraffe, pulls its tails, chews on the ribbons that protrude from the sun on the mat. – rose8282


Babies never get bored of a bouncer. I alternate her between the gym and bouncer. With the bouncer, she is very happy. – rose8282



  • Babies get attracted to a teether with lots of colours . It is also good since it helps with colour distinction. Else a teether which can also be used a squeeze toy. – rose8282
  • Some animals even had teethers on them. – guesshoo

Car Toys

Freddie the firefly is a toy that she loves to hold on to while sitting in the car seat, as if she holds the bus support rings, looks at the colourful parts. – rose8282


I bought a touch and feel board book. The kid loves the big pictures and bright colours. – rose8282


Dolls (without fluff or fur, as eventually everything is stuffed into the mouth) which rattled or had those bits to pull which will jitter and retract. Some animals even had teethers on them. – guesshoo

Noise Makers

Noise makers like xylophone and drums are also liked by the little ones. – guesshoo


Melissa and Doug has some great wooden puzzles for kids for all ages and my son loved figuring the puzzles out. His current favourites are sound puzzles. – nuss


  • The Fisherprice singing soccer ball and the the Fisherprice piano gym. – cooks2010 
  • A pretend phone is a great toy. – guesshoo
  • Bath toys.  are very useful from the time the child learns to sit. – guesshoo
  • Once the child learns to move, teaser toys are great – like a ball/ a cat. It moves away if the child touches it or comes close to it, prompting the child to chase after it. – nuss
  • A tea set for girls. The girl is now five years, and still she has “tea parties” with this set. – Nitha J