Have you ever asked yourself, how are you doing Ms. Fabulous, Ms. Intelligent or Ms. Gorgeous? Have you realized the fact that you deserve to look gorgeous every single day, no matter how crazy your day is going to be? You may be living an average life, but are you satisfied being average?

One of my favourite author says, ‘Your job is to be the best expression of you that you can be and there’s no greater contribution you can make to this world’.

There is no tomorrow, so charge yourself up today and gift yourself a makeover. Makeover, not only of looks but of attitude, thinking or anything you desire to change. You have the right to every good thing this world has to offer.

Your man gets a bonus or incentive for his good work in office, but women’s contribution goes unnoticed. A mom is up all night with a cranky baby, even when her temperature touches 101. Another takes days off to be with her dad or mom at hospital. They don’t get a gold star for their heroic actions. In fact, it’s termed as just another duty of a woman’s life.

If you are with me on this, then let me share with you some wonderful ideas that can makeover your mood this Women’s Day!

A Real Makeover

Every time you shop, are you pulled towards your staples?  It’s time now and you deserve a makeover! A great new wardrobe, a new haircut and style, perhaps a new eye or lip color to enhance your face?  Get new pair of jeans to flatter those curves.  Truly nothing boosts the self-esteem of a woman more than a makeover.

Go beyond the normal, take help of a friend who can be your image consultant. Treat your body and transform your looks. An awe effect is certainly guaranteed from loved ones too.

Pamper Yourself

Pampering yourself doesn’t really mean visiting a salon and spending extras on deluxe services. Yes, if you are delaying the regular needs, then go now! Else take time out to enjoy your favourite cup of coffee with a book in a comfortable chair, and let the sun rays filter from your living room window. 

You can also choose to pot your favourite flowers in your living room, or balcony that not only gives your home a makeover but also a reason for you to smile every day.

Follow The Simple Word, ‘Good’

Treat yourself at home or at your favourite place. Wear good, eat good, drink good, exercise good and feel good.

Women’s day is the time to celebrate the power and blessings of two X chromosomes that makes us exceptional. Let’s toast to ourselves and to all the great women in our lives whom we idolize.