Valentine’s Day is just round the corner, and I am sure most of you have already started planning your day. Personally, I feel that there need not be a ‘special’ day for love. You must express your love for your loved ones anytime, and every time you feel like.

However, with the growing number of working couples, we are so busy and hard pressed for time, it’s good to have one special day that we can actually dedicate to love.

When you are planning for the special day of love, there are various aspects that you need to consider. One important aspect is to decide on what kind of gifts you would want to give your loved one. There is no single perfect gift. Anything that you think will make your partner feel loved, works.

Here are a few traditional gift ideas that have worked wonders since ages:


Flowers have been the messenger of love since time immemorial, especially red roses. However, if your valentine is fond of other varieties of roses, or for that matter, any other kind of flowers, there is no need for you to stick to roses. You can arrange for a special bouquet in the shape of a heart, with a love note.

Most florists have the option of home delivery. It’s a nice idea to get the bouquet delivered to home or office. Some of you may want to gift it to your partner personally.


There are very few people who can actually resist chocolates. No wonder how much you keep saying that you are on diet, and you are avoiding calories, you just cannot say no to chocolates. Chocolates come in a variety of flavors, shapes and sizes. They are available in very attractive packs too. So you can either buy it off the shelves, or customize the order.

And if you are confident of your culinary skills, you can even make it yourself. Even if the home made chocolates do not turn out like professional ones, the love and care you have put in it, beats any off the shelf ones.


They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But in the times we live, our men folks are no way lagging behind. Be it studs or bracelets or chains, they have equal number of takers from both genders.

Jewellery does not mean only expensive gold and diamond ones. There are numerous kinds of fashion artifacts available in stones, metals, plastics and so on. So, if the traditional ones are drilling a hole in your pocket, then do not hesitate to gift fashion jewellery to your valentine.


This is the easiest option, provided you know the size of the shirt, trouser, or dress you need to buy. You will be spoilt for choice. There are so many things that you can buy.

If you are not sure of the size, then you can take your partner along. Sure it will kill the surprise element. But at least you are sure you have got something that does not need to be changed.

Gift Vouchers

This is the most practical option for a gift, although it may not score too high on the romance quotient. If you are unsure whether your valentine will like the gifts you bought, or whether there will be an issue with the size, then gifting vouchers is the best solution. Your partner can later redeem the vouchers with a gift of his choice.

These are just a few gifting ideas. There can be so many other options, apart from the ones mentioned. But the best gift you can give each other is unconditional love and trust. So go on, cherish your moments on this special day of love