The woman of today is empowered – she’s intelligent, beautiful and is making strides everywhere she goes, whether it is at work or at home.

March 8 is International Womens’ Day and it is time to celebrate the greatness that resides in all of us. We need to take some time off from our busy schedules, and give ourselves an excuse to get pampered.

Here are some fun ways to push back and give ourselves the attention we deserve:

  • Plan an All Girls Road Trip

Though we don’t need an occasion to take a break with our girlfriends, this Women’s Day weekend we should make a plan to get together and plan a girly outing – just for us.

You can try a beach destination, where you can soak up the sun and wallow in the sand, or go ahead and enjoy the chill at a hill station. Find out whatever is closest to your city and pack up your bags to head out.

  • Party the Night Away

It’s a Friday, and the week gets over this Women’s Day – what more reason do you need to party?

A lot of pubs and restaurants would probably have special offers going for women, so make the most of it. Grab a Martini or a Margarita and dance to your favourite tunes, putting every care to the wind. This is your day and your time, so don’t let anything else hold you back!

  • Have a Spa Weekend

Nothing says ‘Pleasure’ than a weekend spent at a spa. Grab your best pal and head to your favourite spa to relax your tired muscles.

Live the simple life with Yoga, spa massage, light diet and herbal tea. Try out the different kinds of massages on offer – Shiatsu for muscle relaxation, Balinese for skin rejuvenation and Swedish massage to cleanse your pores.

  • Shop till You Drop

Another occasion to give yourself a lift! This Women’s Day go ahead and buy yourself that little bauble you’ve always had your eye on!

The spring sale will soon be on giving you more and more opportunities to renew your wardrobe! You can even buy something special for the women in your life whom you look up to and adore. A little surprise from you will surely brighten up their day!

  • Give Back

Urban women are a lot better off than their rural counterparts and this Women’s Day, take the opportunity to help the underprivileged and deprived section of society.

There are many ways you can do so – pledge to spend some time with impoverished women, adopt a child’s education or simply visit an old age home and make friends with the neglected elderly. After all, there are a lot of facets to being a woman and you need to embrace all of it!