Among all the natural resources, water is regarded as the most precious one as it is vital for the survival of all the living forms. It holds a great significance in our lives and so every single drop of water counts, therefore save it for the ones you love.

Purpose of Water Conservation:

A large amount of fresh water is consumed daily by individuals and households for various purposes that include drinking, washing, cleaning, gardening, cooking and more. Apart from this, industries consume even more of it for various processes increasing its demand.

With increased population, growing practices of industrializations and expanding agricultural practices, the amount of water used is also increasing, leading to its imbalance in the ecosystem. Therefore to ensure the availability of fresh water for our future generations, we should also concentrate on the point called conserving along with its consumption.

Harvest the rain:

Harvesting rain water is actually a pretty old method of collecting and purifying the water coming from the rain to fulfill our demands. Rain water is generally harvested in order to store it for future needs and also to recharge the ground water levels. For this purpose underground tanks, roof top water catchment systems, pits, and more of the kind can be used.

Water Conservation:

Water conservation is in books since the past, but in this century it has become the need of the day. Therefore, let us take a pledge in order to save a minimum of 10% of the water we use daily.  

Here are some of the ideas to consume water both indoors and outdoors.

  • Firstly check for any leaks in your house. If you find any get the pipes sealed and the taps repaired to prevent the water leakage.
  • Do not discard the water used to wash vegetables; instead water your plants with it.
  • Do not run the tap free when you are bushing, or working on lather while washing.
  • When working outdoors, check your garden sprinkler systems. Water only your lawn and plants but not the side walk and your house walls with the hose pipes.
  • Use rain water collected from the roof catchments to water your plants.
  • Even at office, report any kind of breaks and leaks in the piping to the employer and get them corrected. Also check out other processes that lead to wastage of water and prevent them.

Together we can build a friendly ecosystem for our future generations. Therefore, let us join our hands together to save water by conserving every single drop, even before our future generations question us for our lack of management and unimaginable approach towards the developing global catastrophe.