Author: Sowmya Venturapalli

Get a Perfect Icing on Your Cake

A party remains incomplete without a perfect sweet treat, which is generally soft and a beautifully decorated cake. Homemade cakes at times look less perfect, because of some minor mistakes we make during the preparation process. Therefore, first thing to do in order to get a yummy treat is to bake a better cake, which is possible by choosing the best cake mix, or by picking up the right ingredients, is thorough mixing and perfect baking. Once your cake is baked, remove it gently and then start decorating it only after completely cooling it. Decorating a Perfectly Baked Cake:...

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Effective Home Remedies for Beautiful and Soft Heels

Soft heels are a sign of beauty and the extended foot care. Damaged and cracked heels, or “heel fissures”, are linear cuts seen on the skin surface on the heels and other parts of the feet indicating the necessity for a little more attention. Causes: Damaged feet, which affect the style statement, can be attributed to the lifestyle and nutritional status of the individual. Few common causes include,   Excessive feet activity and pressure on the foot pads. Nutritional deficiencies. Dry skin or Xerosis, which is due to reduced sebum production. Excess exposure to water and other unhygienic conditions....

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Six Secrets on How to Save Money

The hardest thing to do as a human is to stay away when the urge of spending strikes us. However, it is necessary to put a check towards the superfluous spending and keep a track on what we spend. Doing so will aid us to save precious money and rescue ourselves at the time of financial peril. It is all about the righteous money management which remains crucial for a comfortable living, and here I share few secrets that help me to stop wasting mindless money. 1. Wants vs Needs Always remember that we as humans, have millions of...

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Best Anti-dandruff Shampoos in India

Dandruff is a hair-condition when sebum is overproduced by the body, and when a fungus named Malessezia globossa feeds on it. It results in excessive shedding of the dead cells from the scalp leading to formation of pesky flakes, irritation and redness of the skin. This condition can be attributed to the lifestyle, stress, pollution, hormonal imbalance and poor diet of an individual.  It can seem to be an unconquerable enemy, whose presence causes several social issues to most of us. Choosing the right anti-dandruff product can be confusing since there are too many products on the market shelves....

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Hindu Tithis and Nakshtras

Almost every Hindu looks forward to find an auspicious day to start something new. This is usually done by looking up the Hindu calendar (Panchanga), which was designed by the ancient Indian astronomers.  This deciphers the five major elements of time division. These include the Vaara, Tithi, Nakshtra, Yoga and Karana. Of these, the first three have a great use in our day to day life. Here is some information about them: Vaara (Week Days): It is a Sanskrit term used by the ancestors to represent the days in a week. Tithis (Lunar Days): These are the phases of...

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