Like physical health, mental health is equally important. If we are not healthy inside, it will project itself out. Thus mental health is connected to physical health. Stress and depression, wild unproductive thoughts affect the mental health. It is caused by others and many a times by ourselves. If we are wise enough to keep ourself away from this, we need not worry or hate the materialistic world as the joy of life is buried within us in the form of a talent!

Hobbies – creative expression is not only an excellent way to pass time but also help in mental health which in turn does its bit towards your physical health. Every human has an inborn talent. Some recognize it by themselves; some need the help of the other to figure it out. When the inborn talent is recognized, cherished, fine tuned and brought out, it shines and brings the divinity in one.

Hobbies could be a game, education, an art, Music, collection, travelling, Blogging, Reading, Writing or a chore! They help increase memory power, concentration, logic, sometimes physical effort in case of collection hobbies thus help interact with likeminded people to explore more into it, etc thus there are unlimited number of benefits that one can arrive at by pursuing a hobby in their life.

If we go on and make out a list, it will end up into a vast list as there are so many things which can be converted into a productive hobby.