Dandruff is a hair-condition when sebum is overproduced by the body, and when a fungus named Malessezia globossa feeds on it. It results in excessive shedding of the dead cells from the scalp leading to formation of pesky flakes, irritation and redness of the skin. This condition can be attributed to the lifestyle, stress, pollution, hormonal imbalance and poor diet of an individual.  It can seem to be an unconquerable enemy, whose presence causes several social issues to most of us.

Choosing the right anti-dandruff product can be confusing since there are too many products on the market shelves. Here we bring you a quick analysis of some of the anti-dandruff products available in India, to help you make a better decision.

Several brands of anti-dandruff shampoos, which are chemically formulated claim to nip the problem. Some of the top six products are :

Head and Shoulders: It is the most powerful anti-dandruff shampoo in India with Hydra-zinc base, known to reduce dandruff and keep it at bay.


Pros: A pleasing fragrance, itch free refreshing scalp and lively hair, without leaving any residue.

Cons:Shampoo doesn’t do much to control hairfall and does not keep the hair soft or conditioned.

Cost: 670ml at 400 INR.