Editor’s Note: What works for one, may not work for another ‐ this adage couldn’t be truer when it comes to weight loss. Our member shakila banu contributes some of her tried and tested suggestions and tips which could help you in losing weight effectively. For queries regarding the same ask here.

Writer’s Note: We cannot even imagine losing weight unless and until we have a balanced diet. We need starch, meat, fat, diary, vegetables and fruits. If we do not take especially the carbohydrates we will never get the balance, feel headache, face hair loss etc. And also many might be the mother of kids; in that case they cannot concentrate onto cook something especially for them (no time). Hence right now I am following a very easy way and it really works out for me.

  1. Divide your meals to 5 times instead of 3 times.
  2. Eat any 2 raw vegetables or fruits before every meal.
  3. Drink two glasses of free fat buttermilk If not available at least 2 glasses of 
  4. Then have your meal, almost you will feel full and you can never consume more 
    than 300 calories.
  5. Those who have tummy must do crunches which would take only 6 minutes of your time.
  6. Try to walk for 30 minutes every day. However, even if you walk you can never lose your tummy unless you do some exercise for it.

Start following all these steps and also enter your current weight. If we follow these steps, be sure to lose 1kg per week. Anybody interested to join me to lose weight in this way.

You can join shakila banu in her weight loss endeavor here and also add your own suggestions, experiences and feedback.