Editor’s Note: Our member Ravikant shares a personal experience on why his weight loss plan stumbled, so that anyone who is facing the same block can effectively counter it as well as tell their own story here.

Writer’s Note: Members who have visited my weight loss journal would know that I set out to lose some weight and also tighten up my waistline. Recently, things have stumbled a bit for me and I am trying to pick it back up and pull it all together. I want to share the 4 reasons why things stumbled for me. 

1. Half Success – This is the main reason why it stumbled. I wanted to reduce my weight from 181 lbs to 160 lbs. I now weigh about 162 lbs. I also wanted to reduce my waist from 38″ to 34″. I now wear 36″ pants. This half-success created complacency in me. 

2. Goal Mismatch – I wanted to reach 160 lbs and 34″. But as you can see, I am almost at 160 lbs, but I am still 36″ waist. A portion of me was convincing me that I had reached my goal because I have hit my weight target. A portion of me was convincing me that I still have 50% of the way to go in reaching my waist size target. This mismatch and resultant internal debate it easy for my mind to convince me that I don’t have to go to work out. 

3. Vacation – I went on a week-long vacation and didn’t work out during my vacation. That created a 9-day gap whereby my body was getting used to the laziness of not having to workout. I don’t think the solution is to avoid vacation or workout during vacation, but it is nevertheless a factor. 

4. Fell Sick – Once I returned from vacation, I went under weather because of changing climate here. I tried to brace the sickness and try to go to the gym. But it was too difficult to run and hence I have to retreat and take another week off from the gym. That gap against added to the vacation created a long gap. 

Did you embark on a weight loss plan and it stumbled? What are the reasons your weight loss plan stumbled? Please share your experiences here so that we all can be wiser and not let this happen to us.