If you were to be granted three boons, won’t you long for a healthy life? Being healthy is the absolute essence of life and, no wonder, there has been increased focus on health and wellness in the recent times.

With incorrect lifestyle, health has taken a backseat, and we are responsible for health that is quickly deteriorating. Do you wonder how our seniors are healthy?

Here are few health secrets from around the globe from people who have managed to survive in the world’s mad rush. These simple tweaks in life can help you to lead a long and healthy life.

Get Up and Get Going:

This mantra is not going to fade away quickly because this is one of the main ways to lead a healthy lifestyle. Regular physical activity produces long-term benefits. Get out, walk more, move a lot around in the house, run errands on a bike and do more chores.

Studies show that people who are physically active can increase the chances of living longer, have more confidence, have stronger muscles and bones, enjoy life and have fun, easily get to a healthy weight and get to sleep well at night.

Chew Well:

You can easily improve your health by simply slowing down and chewing every bite of food that goes into your mouth. Don’t you remember our elders saying, “chew well”? This highly beneficial nutrition tip has been forgotten, which in turn, has lead to various digestive problems, including, weight gain.

Chewing well forces you to slow down and focus on every morsel being eaten. Slow eating causes the brain to signal satiety making you eat less. It also reduces heartburn, flatulence, indigestion, IBS and other discomforts largely and leads to better assimilation of food nutrients.

Avoid Negativity:

A recent study showed that people who spend a busy lifestyle with productive hobbies, engaged in various mental and social activities normally live a longer and healthier lives.

Reading books, crossword puzzles, drawing, painting, writing, learning, attending concerts, galleries, taking a class, starting a book club, gardening, cooking, crocheting, volunteering at a hospital or library are some creative activities for a fuller life.

Love Yourself


Embrace Yourself:

Self-acceptance and leading a contended life with what you have keeps away stress, anxiety and other ailments in the long run. Stop being hard on yourself, especially, on things that you do not have control. You cling to negativity by putting yourself down.

Never focus on what you hate about yourself and concentrate on the things that you love about yourself. Take control of your life than whining or complaining. Instead, do something about it.

Watch Your Habits:

Stay away from alcohol, diet soda, smoking, any type of addiction, sleep deprivation, drugs, constant snacking, watching too much TV, skipping breakfast, eating processed foods and abuse of pain killers and sedatives are some dangerous habits that could ruin a life.

Make all the efforts to alter the course to lead a happier and healthier life.