Editor’s Note: Poetry is a great medium of expression. Here is a beautiful poetry by our member rgsrinivasan. The crisp phrases and the profound thoughts buried in them will definitely leave you pensive. Enjoy the poetry and do share your comments here.  





There are many to stand by you,
When you win. Thats nothing great!
But those who are staying with you
When you need them, you should rate

As the greatest, and should ask them
About their frank views about you.
Not just the plusses, also the dim
Aspects which may be more than a few.

One who knows where he is weak,
Is the strongest. You know that?
He’ll win them all and stay at the peak
For long and is cherished every bit.

Know the people who count on you.
You know what you could do in return?
Try living up to what they see in you.
Perhaps that would be the best return.

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